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Color Glo specializes in the restoration of leathers, plastic, vinyls, velour, fabrics and carpet. Exterior blemish repair specializes in stone chip repair, power polishing, buffing and shining.

Our major markets are automotive, commercial, residential, domestic, marine and aviation.

We offer a low cost, home based franchise business that has been very successful over the past three decades. Our system is recession proof as there will always be items in the major market places to be repaired.

We are leaders in the environmental arena. We save thousands of tons of leathers, plastics and vinyls from the landfills each year by repairing rather than replacing.

Formally incorporated in 1975 Color-Glo began franchising in 1982. Color Glo® products are proven everyday to offer the correct results and best value every time they are put to the test.

We initially began our franchising in the United States and have since then expanded into Canada and overseas markets in South America, Asia, Europe, South Africa, and Australia.

Our focus is restoring and repairing common defects such as worn and faded interior components such as leather upholstery, headliners, burns and broken plastic or composite molding. These problems are found in the interior of every automobile, RV, truck sports vehicle, plane or boat in use today.

Color Glo is also proud to have received patents in this industry including a process patent for using the Color Glo process and products in aircraft.

In 2006, Color Glo became the first and only ISO 9001 Certified Company in the industry.


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