For Nearly 25 years Color Glo International has been working with new and used auto dealers, body shops, upholsterers and individual vehicle owners offering a low cost alternative to the increasing expense of replacing interior components that have been damaged in an accident or due to vandalism. The manufacturers of leather, vinyl, plastics and fabric worldwide have accepted our exclusive and proprietary products for use. At present we are successfully servicing vehicles manufactured by every vehicle manufacturer in the world. Color Glo products today are preferred by boat manufacturers and because Color Glo uses environmentally safe water-based dyes that have passed certain vertical burn testing requirements under FAR 25.853 (a) Appendix F part (a) (l) (ii) AMD-25-72 Federal Aviation Regulations and were shown not to add flammability to aircraft leather upholstery we are also found doing a great deal of work in the aviation field on aircraft of all sizes.With the increased use of expensive leather, replacement costs of interior components have increased dramatically. Today we perform warranty work not only on vehicles but also furniture.





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